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Our artists are energetic, devoted, and remarkably creative in their craft. They trust in the idea of communities and are accustomed to living their lives in nature. The task of weaving has given these artists a source of sustainable business throughout the year while also contributing to the recovery of age-old craftsmanship. Carpetmantra works with more than 40,000 craftsmen, helping their families for sustainable living readily. Spread across 600 villages in 5 prominent states of India, they are working with creativity and enthusiasm for their work.

Carpets from India are famous for their high density of knotting. Hand-knotted carpets are popular in India and are a signature marking of Indian weavers. Since the 11th Century when carpet weaving was introduced into India, the industry has been growing and improving. Today Indian weavers are well known for their presentation of realistic attributes and their attention to detail.

85% of the Indian weavers are women. The weaving career has assisted them with acquiring monetary independence and in this way, freeing them from the shackles of societal norms. Large numbers of our women weavers have become grassroots experts and have won many awards as designers.

Carpetmantra focuses on the ideas and solutions that help in social wellbeing. We contact the grassroots-level experts and create many opportunities for making talented craftsmen in the carpet-value chain and getting sustainable livelihoods along with social development. Local financial and banking services (regular as well as inventive) are identified, and artisans are associated with these institutions for their financial growth.

Our main goal is to become the go-to point for creating home accessories across a different scope of ways of life and spending plans and to improve on the purchasing experience for creators, retailers, and end shoppers.

We interpret the most significant home stylistic modern layout trends into chic products across a scope of styles, costs, and classifications. From exemplary to contemporary, our collection of more than 60,000 inspired products gives new, brilliant, and trendy choices for every lifestyle and budget of the customers. While offering appealing, great products is our goal, we understand that the products are just a part of the whole picture. We are focused on advancing the client experience, we back all our products with a resolute commitment to quality and service. From our creative display, promoting and sales tools to broad in-stock inventory, adaptable custom projects, and public display presence, we give the resources that designers and retailers need to strengthen their market presence and brand image.

Our Story: Carpetmantra is based out in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, India. We offer an assortment of carpets and rugs online for the ease of our customers. We are inspired by our appreciation for weaving. We are characterized by the Indian legacy and global aesthetics and offer immortal products for the modern interiors. We invest wholeheartedly in authentic craftsmanship, good quality and focus.

Our rugs help in keeping the traditional craftsman heritage alive: Our carpets mostly are hand-made for getting through magnificence and perfect quality that vows to improve with age in the long run. Each intricate knot of the carpet and weave is a motion of patience, respecting the crude integrity of the natural materials and a feasible custom of old processes. This meticulous craftsmanship brings about a credible carpet with the rigor to go with you through the minutes that matter, for generations.

We represent sustainability in real life: We are becoming acclimated to seeing pictures of plastic appearing on shores and transforming into piles of waste throughout the everyday news. With an issue this huge, it calls for sharp arrangements for the environment. With the assistance of innovation, we have made a series of materials prepared completely from used plastic containers. Along these lines, you get staggeringly sturdy materials while helping in the cleaning of our oceans.

Workplace environment: Carpetmantra keeps up with the standards of the Labor Act/Factories Act, to serve the employees, and stringently guarantees that no child work is appreciated by us in any phase of our production. We also ensure that our employees are happy working with us.

Our online showcase features a range of Indian carpets from leading weavers. Buy a carpet that fits with the interior of your home or office and matches the furniture and decor. Your new interior decoration will bring warmth and vibrancy to any room and is sure to be a showpiece in any room.

With our same day or next day delivery service, you will have your new carpet in no time, and as with all, you know you’re getting the absolute best in quality. Each of our Indian carpets is unique, and a range of sizes is available to meet your specifications. Altogether, you must know that you are purchasing an authentic piece of rug for your home/office that will be admired for generations to come.