Oval Rugs

Whenever you see a shaggy rug, the first impression is that it provides the entire living space with a warm luxurious feel. One immediately starts receiving those cosy vibes and when you do put your feet on these super soft, luxurious rugs the feeling is just heavenly. These soft and thick rugs became very popular during the sixties and even to this very day they are in high demand. We at https://www.carpetmantra.com bring you the most sought after range of shaggy rugs there is, filled with opulence, richness and splendour.

A shaggy rug can be handmade or power loomed. Handmade shaggy rugs are generally crafted using natural fibres like wool, while machine made rugs have synthetic fibres as their main material. Shaggy rugs are versatile enough to compliment all types of floorings including wood and tile. Our shaggy rugs are available in a wide variety of colours and materials; we are sure you will find a rug to suit your liking. Our wool shaggy rug range has been carefully selected to ensure that there is limited shed and require minimum maintenance.

Shaggy rugs made from different materials have different textures; to name a few, you can select between a synthetic shag rug, New Zealand wool shag rug, flokati shag rugs or cotton shag rugs.

Our shaggy rugs have continued to be very popular among buyers because of their beautiful designs and versatility, which allows them to accompany any style of home.

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