The time has passed when carpets were hung on the walls and floor was covered with them in the apartment. Carpet today is still popular, but in a single copy - in the center of the living room on the floor. Of course, you can decorate the hall two or even three rugs to highlight a number of different functional areas, but it is necessary in this case to know a lot about. Otherwise, there is every chance to overdo it with the variegated color, and interior to turn in an instant in the bad taste of pure water. So let us determine how to choose a carpet in the living room.

It is difficult to imagine modern living without this attribute as beautiful, showy woven products. Modern range of online stores makes it possible to buy carpets for bedroom, perfectly blending in with the walls and furniture that blends into any interior area.

How to Choose a Carpet for Living Room?

Choosing a carpet in the living room in the first place, you need to decide for what purpose you want to buy it. For example, using a carpet often emphasize in the interior. If the room is done in white, pastel, quiet or dark shades, the carpet can be quite bright and catchy to attract attention. It is also possible to focus on several parts of the interior, combining the carpet with other subjects in color and style - curtains, cushions for sofas, a variety of decorative items. This will support the general idea of the design of the living room. Also with the help of the carpet can expand the space visually room. This is true in cases where the living room is small in size, or when present in the interior of the bulky furniture. To choose the right carpet, you can eliminate the feeling of pressing space and cramped. Most often for this purpose buy light-colored carpets.

Buy Carpet Online For Living Room

If the carpet is bought to complement the overall style, you can purchase a small carpet round shape. Fine, if the room will be present and other circular elements decor - dining table, abstract drawing on the wallpaper round shape or a chandelier. The carpet thus completes this song. With the help of the carpet living room space can be divided into different functional areas. In order to highlight the desired area, it is better to choose a small rug. Sometimes that purpose is not appropriate to use a carpet, and a few small rugs. They may be different in size, but must comply with the overall style.

Variety of Material

The carpets for home are now made from a variety of materials, widely used synthetic fiber and natural fiber. In online stores, you can choose any size, shape and color. Ask a question about how to buy a carpet in the living room; you need to take into account not only the current fashion trends, but also in harmony with the floor shades, walls, furniture items. Otherwise, the room space will find chaos and tasteless, become congested, visually cluttered.

Overall Color Scheme

Observing the overall color scheme, you can decorate a room for guests and woven fabrics, patterned or decorated with a variety of geometric patterns. For example, focusing on black and white, you can safely buy carpets for the living room with a square print, e.g.,

  • Turkish carpets
  • Belgian carpets
  • Persian carpets
  • Supplement it with decorative pillows and patterned curtains.

If the interior of the living room can be called a neutral, an excellent choice with the purchase will be a bright spot - for example, Chinese carpets. Monotone premises requires product with a horizontal narrow stripes, designed in dark colors. With the help of these models can be optically increase too narrow space, the room filled with positive, colorful and brightness, thanks to the mat with colored stripes.


When purchasing carpet for the living room it is important to keep in mind, and such a moment as the practicality. If the house live animals and small children, it is the practicality should come to the fore. For example, the purity of the product with a pattern will persist much longer than the purity of the monochromatic light model, which will soon appear even minor blemishes.

Decide Onto the Shape

Round, square, rectangular or even harlequin, Berber, geometric etc. there are a multitude of carpets, available in all colors, in all sizes and in all sizes in stores. To find the model that will suit you best, it is imperative to take into account the decorative style of your living room (Scandinavian, contemporary or ethnic), textures and colors. As a reminder, the experts advise not to exceed three different colors in the same room, under pain of hurting the eyes. Also try to tune the carpet according to the furniture and curtains, without mixing too much material and patterns.

Taking Space into Account

Unlike the bedroom, the kitchen or even the entrance, the living room usually remains one of the largest rooms in the house. One can, therefore, afford all the follies concerning the dimension of the desired carpet. It then remains to determine its place in the living room. Note for small areas, it is preferable to put a model of small size, rather central in the room, because the XXL format could shrink your living room.

Dimensions Rugs

Today, there are many options for modern and stylish living room carpet, can only makes the right choice. There are many ways to create a sense of warmth and comfort in the living room, one of them is to pick up the carpet correctly. Depending on the size carpets can be divided into several groups:

  • Small rugs, area less than three square meters
  • Srednie- from three to six meters squared.
  • Large, the area of which is greater than six square meters.